Miaverse & Chemical Culture

Disclaimer: This site is not about dry-cleaning.

Here is what this site is about:


Miaverse (stylised as MIAVERSE) is a comic about people's encounters with Hypothermia and Hyperthermia. People who had such encounters try to contact each other and try to find "Mia" and "Mer". The name is a portmanteau of "-mia" (from the last 3 letters of hyperthermia and hypothermia) and "verse" (from universe). The first episode was released on 2 February 2022 on Webtoon. It was discontinued after the drafts of the supposed third chapter were made in summer 2022. 


Chemical Culture

Chemical Culture is a project involving personified chemical compounds. The characters are based on real life chemical compounds, their histories, their uses and properties. 


Yes, there is a dry-cleaner in Chemical Culture (Tetrachloroethylene). This still does not make this site about dry-cleaning. 

If you need any help about dry-cleaning, use Google.